The vegetable sector in the Central and Northern Arava accounts for about 75% of total crops. The major crop is currently bell peppers. The R&D in the vegetables sector focuses on pepper, but there is also research conducted on tomatoes, eggplant, melon, strawberry and other crops.
Main studies:

  • Examination of crops and new varieties, improved agro-technics - Evaluation of potential yield and fruit quality.
  • Efficient use of water and fertilizer in different water qualities - Studying means of irrigation and fertilization control using tensiometers and various sensors (humidity, salinity).
    Reducing the levels of nitrogen fertilizers and soil contamination.
  • Dealing with the shortage of arable land - Developing alternative ways of growing in infertile soil, using different substrates and ditches.
  • Studying means for reducing production costsNo tilling, streamlining picking through automation, improving Agro-technics of pepper and eggplant, improving methods of data collection.
  • Ecological aspects - sustainable agriculture - The use of compost produced from local agricultural waste for animal feed and as agricultural substrates.
  • Solar Greenhouse - Growing vegetables under a novel greenhouse model, which combines agriculture with electricity production.


Shimon Pivonia, Ph.D.

Researcher, Coordinator


Shabtai Cohen

Advisor, Researcher

Yoram Zvieli

Advisor, Researcher

Adi Suisa

Advisor, Researcher

Moti Osherovich