The research studies on flowers currently taking place on the Yair Station focus on improving existing crops and on acclimatization of new varieties of flowers

Some of the flowers which grow in the Arava require additional light during the growing process. The Research and Development Unit is therefore looking into alternative types of lighting with low energy consumption and optimal length of use. Different techniques are also being examined in order to control flowering: refrigeration, cooling, shading with nets and use of growth regulators.
In addition, development of agro-technological solutions to reduce the spread of various diseases and to deal with pests continues.

Acclimatization of new species and varieties of flowers
In light of market analysis and in order to fulfill demand, the Research and Development Unit is cultivating new species and varieties of flowers together with existing crops, and is contributing to the diverse array of flowers growing in the Arava.
Each year experiments on all of the different varieties of flowers are conducted, in conjunction with various seed companies and nurseries.
We are additionally examining the feasibility of growing various different houseplants.


Maayan Plaves Kitron

Researcher, Coordinator