Yair Guron Memorial Scholarship Fund

Yair Guron Memorial Scholarship Fund

Yair Guron 1943-1990

Yair developed and advanced agricultural research in the Arava.
He initiated and shepherded innovative research in areas that were seen as risky, believing that their development
would strengthen the means of production for the residents of the Arava.
He recognized the importance of research and development and, for this reason, advanced the establishment
of the Zohar Experimental Station in Kikar Sdom, as well as the main experimental station in the Central Arava,
which is now known by his name — the Yair Research Station.
Yair died of cancer at age 47.
Yair’s vision lives on…

Yair Guron Yair Guron and Ami Maduel Yair in the field Yair on the tracktor

Yair Guron Memorial Scholarship Fund

The fund’s goal is to encourage research in the spirit of Yair’s work in the areas of agriculture,
the environment, water, energy and biotechnology.

In 2010, a scholarship fund for young researchers was established by the Guron family, in partnership with Northern
and Central Arava R&D and the Central Arava Regional Council, to mark the 20th anniversary of Yair’s death.

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The fund will award grants to graduate students who are conducting research relevant to the
Arava region. In 2013 the fund is also awarding students from "Shittim" high school.

  • Award recipients will be required to meet criteria of scientific quality and their research must be seen as important for the Arava.
  • The grants will be awarded to individual recipients in order to support these individuals as they conduct their research.
  • The fund will focus on aiding young researchers who live in the Arava during the period that they are in greatest need of
    funding and support.
  • The preliminary seed money for the fund is 110,000 NIS contributed by the Guron family.
  • The fund reached 300,000 NIS in 2012. Target funding for 2014 :substantial increasing of the fund to ensure
    long term sustainability.

Award amounts - 10,000 to 20,000 NIS

Since the establishment of the fund in 2010, more than 50 applications for funding were received. Amongst
the applicants, 5 young researchers were awarded 10,000 NIS each, and at least 20 applicants were considered
noteworthy and 10 would have received awards if sufficient funds had been available.

The fund’s assets will only be used for research and will not cover overhead or administrative costs

  • The fund is an expendable fund managed as a non-profit organization for the advancement of the community in the Arava.
  • The organization has a permit from the Income Tax Authority regarding contributions, as specified in Clause 46 of the
    Income Tax Regulations.
  • The fund is managed by a fiduciary committee headed by Aylon Gadiel. Committee members include Boaz Hurvitz,
    Director of Arava R&D; Prof. Ygal Elad, the scientific director of Arava R&D; Dr. Rivka Ophir, representing Arava Science Center and Mrs. Naomi Becker, the director of the Arava Community Center.
  • The Committee will put out a call for grant applications once a year.
  • The Committee will select worthy candidates based on professional recommendations.
  • The grants will be awarded in a ceremony that will be held as part of the annual Open Day Event at the Yair Research Station.

Contributing to the Scholarship Fund

  • Donate a scholarship – 10,000 NIS - 20,000 NIS
  • Multi year donation - the donor takes on scholarship funding over several consecutive years
  • Cover the costs of the fund’s activities for one year – 30,000 NIS- 50,000 NIS
  • Contributions of any amount are welcome

Every year the names of the donors will be noted at the award ceremony. Donor's names will appear on the
fund’s web site and will be noted in all of the fund’s publications for that year. In the event of a donation for an
entire scholarship, the scholarship will be named for its donor.
Donors will receive a report summarizing the fund’s activities and the Committee’s deliberations regarding the selection
of award recipients.

The Arava was Yair’s second home.

Yair saw agricultural settlement in the Arava as Zionism at its finest – the transformation of barren desert into a
prosperous, fruitful and advanced region that contributes to its residents and the nation. His vision has become
reality through the expansion of technical knowledge and high-quality advanced research and development.
The continued advancement of this research and the support of young researchers who, acting with a true
sense of mission, have moved with their families to a remote region with limited employment opportunities are
the actualization of Yair’s vision and worldview.

Some of his dreams have already come true. We have the opportunity to continue to contribute to this important
enterprise and bring to fruition the work that Yair was not able to complete.

Yair Guron Memorial Scholarship Fund Recognizes
Contributions for Promotion of Research in the Arava

  • Guron Family
  • Ruth Fisch
  • Ruth Scheuer
  • Eran Shaked
  • Rafael Dayan
  • Shacham
  • Givat Ada
  • Zipora Ben Michael
  • Ilan Oren
  • Ofer Nisman
  • Daniel Spair
  • Gilad
  • Amnon Eshet
  • Green Arava
  • Avi Kadan
  • Insurance Fund for Natural
  • Risks in Agriculture
  • Nadya Genetics
For additional information or to make a contribution:
  • Head of the Fiduciary Committee Aylon Gadiel 052-426-0561, aylon@arava.co.il
  • Ran Guron 050-677-7999, rangu@bezeq.co.il