Aquaculture is a unique field in the Arava. Today, several farms produce and export ornamental fishes (mainly guppies, angelfish and clown fishes) to Europe. Our department operates on three levels of research: short term (months to a year) experiments that support local farmers in improving yield and quality of existing species. Mid-term studies (a year to two years) that endeavor in bringing new species and developing their rearing and breeding protocols to increase export opportunities for existing and new farmers in the region. Thirdly, we conduct studies in the other fields of aquaculture to offer alternatives to the current production. These studies are long-term and aim to get results in several years.
Our current projects include: search for freshwater alternatives to artemia as life feed for larvae, implementing breeding protocols for ornamental tetra species such as the cardinal tetra (see photo). Integrated aquaculture of edible fish and vegetables and production of micro algae.


Siggi Winters

Researcher, Coordinator