Geology and Micropaleontology – ADSSC

Geology and Micropaleontology – ADSSC

This department is part of  ADSSC (The Dead Sea-Arava Science Center)

Foraminifera are unicellular organisms that thrive in oceans. Their calcite shells accumulate on the sea floor making them an important constituent of sedimentary rocks. Because of their widespread distribution, rapid evolution and sensitivity to evnironmental changes, they are used for dating marine sediment and for pleonvironmental reconstuction. Dr. Sarit Ashckenazi-Polivoda works on pleoceongraphic and paleoenvironmental reconstruction and dating of rock units from the Late Cretaceous (65-70 million years ago) using foraminiferal assemblages and stable isotopes measurements. In addition to the evnironmental aspects, Sarit is also involved in several projects of documentation and taxonomy of the formainifera specimens that existed in the Late Creataceous.



Moran Kaminer

Research assistant